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Atlas founder Harry Stoubos with Rod Young at the International Franchise Convention Phoenix Arizona.

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Hello, I’m Harry Stoubos and I welcome you to Atlas Global Development.

I have started my company with the sole purpose of assisting companies like yours to realise their full potential. To market your brands, products and services beyond your current scope.

The Global Market is always looking for innovation and a point of difference. All consumers are eager and ready to try new products and that is where I can help.

For the past 10 years I have travelled the world visiting over 40 countries, both mature and emerging markets, on all continents doing business with likeminded associates and customers who are always willing to introduce new products and services to their country.

My process is simple. I introduce you to suitable prospects, assist with strategy, negotiate terms and agreements and prepare and implement the process.

Harry In The Media 

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Global Franchise Magazine – Issue 30 


Read Harry’s interview with Global Franchise magazine in which he details his thoughts about the franchising landscape in Australia.

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Praise for our founder Harry Stoubos

I first met fellow Australian Harry Stoubos in Hong Kong in 2012. He was fired up and passionate about Cartridge World and was excited about his leadership role. He was meeting with franchise masters at the time and preparing global strategies with them to expand and grow their businesses. Harry is not afraid to work hard, because he obviously enjoys what he is doing. He is well organised, professional and a problem solver. He will find business solutions long after others have given up. He is not a clock-watcher—rather he is focussed on achieving the target goals. He has travelled the world in pursuit of his business objectives. In many places, including Africa and the Americas, I have met with people who not only have high respect for his ability but have told me how he has used Cartridge World to transform their lives.

David Gibbons - Hong Kong

Director, Recycling Times Media Corporation

I met Harry through Cartridge World and his business acumen is some of the best I have seen. His professionalism and care for cleints is outstanding. It was a great honour being associated with such an experienced business professional.

C P Shaker - Bangalore, India

Chairman, IMAX & Himani Group

I know Harry Stoubos to be a knowledgeable, enthusiastic and conscientious brand ambassador for the franchise concepts he has introduced to the international marketplace.

James Mastandrea - New York, USA

Vice President, MFV Expositions

Harry was very open minded and was willing to take time to listen to our feedback and help us explore and develop new business models which ultimately led to new revenue streams. He has dealt with me and my colleagues in a professional and courteous way and without his support, understanding and genuineness we might have taken a lot longer to reach our objectives.

Paul Callow - Western Europe

CEO Master Franchisor, Cartridge World

Harry is well versed in international trade and large organisations and has the ability to look at things on a world-wide basis, specifically emerging markets. I would be happy to work with Harry again because he has a clear direction of thought, execution and delivery of process. His experience and negotiating skills would be extremely useful to businesses wishing to expand in the global market place.

John Britton FCA - Gibraltar, UK

Chairman, Corinthian Trust Ltd

I have worked with Mr Stoubos over the past 5 years when I served as the VP – Marketing For Mito Color Imaging. What has impressed me the most is his professionalism and commitment for each project. Harry is always looking for new opportunities and solutions needed to drive growth in the interest of all parties.

Lucy Z Liu - Zhuhai, China

Vice President Marketing, Mito Color Imaging

I’ve known Harry for more than 8 years. During this period he realised a series of booming businesses in different parts of the world. It was a pleasure working with him on some of these projects and he showed himself as a creative, self-driven energetic person, capable to motivate and lead people. He is a real professional and has exceptional skills as a negotiator who is able to find a successful solution in any difficult situation.

Francisco Garrido - Florida, USA

Director, InterMix Management


What We Can Do

Cultural differences, time zones, communication, language, business climate, government stability, ease of doing business and trust in doing business with people you have never met.

These are the areas we have successfully been able to manage, with thorough due diligence, that have lead to successful outcomes. The relationships we have established all over the world become an advantage to you.



  • Represent your brand in your Target Country for expansion as a Brand Ambassador
  • Facilitate and liaise for your company in Africa, the Middle East, and Asia.
  • Assist with your brand and business Global Growth Development Strategy
  • Expand your International Franchise model to all continents
  • Prepare your International Franchise ‘go to market’ start up documentation
  • Provide international and in-country distribution support
  • Provide senior management mentoring
  • Deliver key representation at international events such as Expos, Seminars, Networks and Trade Shows
  • Use our status as pre-approved and authorised visa entrants throughout the APEC region to conduct business.
  • Be your negotiator!

From Our Founder

I want to help you go global

No matter what part of the world you are currently doing business in, there is always potential growth beyond your current borders. If this is what you’re looking to achieve, then please contact me to discuss how I can assist you achieving your global expansion goals.

Harry Stoubos

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